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    What should be done to deal with the failure of the corn thresher production line?

    2019-09-02 19:58:41

    The emergence of a new corn harvesting system has promoted the development of new grain purchasing machinery. How to improve production efficiency and reduce the working hours of working people is the key to improving the market competitiveness of grain purchasing points. The new acquisition model is built on advanced machinery, which allows farmers to save time and effort, and the corn cobs harvested from the field can be delivered directly to the grain point to buy RMB, which can greatly improve the competitiveness of the grain purchase point. The automatic feeding corn thresher produced by "Hongyuan Vibration" has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, easy operation, low energy consumption, etc., so that more farmer friends can be relieved from the heavy corn manual labor Welcome to customers engaged in corn planting and related industries. Let's talk about the troubleshooting method of automatic feeding corn thresher.


    During operation, the front loading hopper should be lowered, and then slowly moved forward to make the engine reach medium speed, close the clutch, let the corn cobs be evenly fed, and automatically enter the thresher after the feeding. If the vehicle speed is too fast or too slow, it may cause the corn cob to break, and serious failure will occur.

    1. The large belt will not go away: the bottom hopper of the front hopper is too close to the ground, causing the large angle iron to scrape the ground.

    2. The large belt is too loose. Adjust the buckle upward to reinstall the large belt.

    3. The clutch is too loose, it can be solved by loosening the U-shaped clutch of the clutch a few wires outward. Drop the chain: the two sprockets are not in conflict, the chain is too loose.

    4. Large belt deviation: adjust the screws on both sides of the bottom of the front hopper, the upper belt deviation, adjust the left side of the conveyor.

    5. Thresher does not rotate: the clutch is too loose, adjust the clutch lever to make the clutch a little tighter.

    The cleaning sieve has advanced level cleaning and impurity removing equipment. It has wide application range and good sealing performance. The adjustable spiral angle plate and cleaning brush are suitable for cleaning materials with different impurities. The split screen cylinder and double-sided large-open door structure make the operation and maintenance simple and quick.

    This machine is mainly suitable for large central storage and ideal equipment for grain cleaning and impurity removal during grain purchase and storage. It has a large output, is equipped with advanced environmental protection dust removal equipment, and is easy to move.



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