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    What is the working principle and application scope of the general cleaning screen?

    2019-09-02 19:54:23

    The cleaning screen has an advanced level of cleaning and removing pure mechanical tools. It has a wide range of applications and good sealing performance. Adopting adjustable spiral angle hitting plate and cleaning brush, it can be suitable for the cleaning of materials with different pure content. The split screen cylinder and double-sided large-open door structure make the operation and maintenance cumbersome and fast.

    Here, the air outlet of the induced draft fan is provided with an activated carbon dust filter to reduce atmospheric pollution and ensure environmental protection.


    Work principle:

    After the material is fed into the sieve cylinder from the feed port, it is affected by the impact of the rotating plate and the conveying effect, so that the agglomerated material that is guessed is broken up, and the plate is used to make circular activities around the inner and outer surfaces of the barrel. Under the influence of centrifugal force, the materials smaller than the screen hole are quickly screened and discharged from the lower part of the machine body, and the cleaning brush close to the screen cylinder wipes the material hanging on the screen cylinder at any time. Dachun, which is larger than the sieve hole, is discharged to the goal of Dachun export under the influence of the transportation of the plate.

    Feed processing pre-cleaning machinery and equipment mechanical tools, is to use the screen drum to do the rotating activity to eliminate Dachun in this guess. Acceptance degree Cantilever screen barrel, screen barrel is divided into feed section and discharge screen section, select different combination of screen holes, can obtain fantasy screen effect, except pure efficiency ≥%, adopt reverse feed mode, screen barrel discharge The section is equipped with spiral pieces, which can enrich the screening material and avoid the net material in the pure quantity. The machine tool has the characteristics of simple structure, stable and reliable operation, small power, high output, small footprint, high efficiency, and is generally suitable for food. Processes such as processing, feed processing, grain stacking and chemical industry, etc., can clean up the pure amounts of wheat stalks, straw, stones, hemp rope, etc. in wheat, rice, corn, soybean, etc. The processing machine tools and conveying machine tools of the process have problems and damages.

    Application areas:

    First of all, it is suitable for grain and feed processing, the cleaning and depuration of auxiliary materials, and the agglomeration of bulk materials are scattered, especially suitable for use as a safety screen after the mixer.



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