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    Do you know the working principle and result of powder cleaner?

    2019-09-02 19:46:53

    The flour mill has many equipments, complicated processes and many pipes. The main task of the flour mill is to use grinding, sieving and powder cleaning processes to produce different grades of flour. Powder cleaning is a relatively important process in the powder making process. The powder cleaning machine is one of the three key powder making main equipments. It not only plays the role of material purification and classification, but also plays the role of material flow balance.


    After various materials are ground by different process mills, they are mixed by skin grinding sieve, skin grinding sieve, slag grinding sieve and core grinding sieve to obtain mixtures. These mixtures contain pure endosperm particles with different specific gravity and different proportions , Even the bran endosperm particles and bran chips, the particle size and quality are still uneven, the difference is large, if these materials are sent directly to the slag mill or core mill for grinding, the bran chips in the material are sheared and crushed by the smooth roller It is not easy to separate after crushing, which not only affects the pink color of the flour, but also increases the ash content of the flour, thereby reducing the rate of high-quality flour.

    These materials are necessary to be selected by a powder cleaner before grinding, and the various components in the above mixture are separated according to purity and particle size. The selected and separated materials are sent to different grinding systems for grinding to obtain a good pink color. , High-quality flour with low ash content. ?

    The powder cleaner is installed between the high square sieve and the mill. It is the bridge and link between the front middle road high square sieve and the front middle road mill. It not only purifies and classifies the material after sieve, but also redistributes the material. With combination. The range and range of adjustment of the material destination of the powder cleaner are relatively large. Without affecting the principle of homogenous merger, by adjusting the material flow direction, the contradiction of the material imbalance in the powdering process can be alleviated and the balance of the material flow between the powders can be adjusted. .

    The powder cleaner is mainly composed of components such as feeding mechanism, sieve body mechanism, discharging mechanism, transmission mechanism, air volume adjustment mechanism and lighting mechanism. The feeding mechanism is fixed on the screen body and vibrates together with the screen body, and the feeding port is flexibly connected with the feeding cylinder fixed on the frame. The opening and closing of the feeding door can be adjusted by the up and down movement of the feeding adjustment plate, thereby controlling the material flow and making the material evenly distributed along the screen surface. There are two sieve bodies with the same structure in the frame of the powder cleaner, each sieve body has 3 sieve surfaces, each sieve surface has 4 sieve grids, the sieve grid width has various specifications, and the sieve grid lengths are all 50mm, the inner surface of the sieve grid is equipped with a sieve surface cleaning brush. The powder cleaner is driven by a vibration motor. The air volume adjustment mechanism of the powder cleaner is composed of three parts: the suction chamber, the suction duct and the main air pipe. The suction duct of the powder cleaner has three forms: variable cross-section, swirl flow and inverted trapezoid. The powdered material is composed of bran crumbs, skinned endosperm and endosperm. The powdering machine utilizes the different suspension speed and particle size of the mixed material, and uses the combined effects of screening, vibration throwing and air separation to combine different proportions, The mixture materials with different particle sizes and different suspension speeds are separated to classify and purify the materials. Bran crumbs with small suspension speed and materials with large particle size are left on the sieve surface to form super sieve; the endosperm particles with high suspension speed and small particle size pass through the sieve surface and become under sieve.



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