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  • 公司簡介
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    Yangzhou Zhengda Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.is an enterprisethat has obtained certification of ISO9001:2008 International QualitySystem, specialized in the manufacture of grain machinery, to be exact,engaged specially in the development, design and production of newtype high-performance grain machinery and the choicest products ofthem.

    The main products manufactured in it include Grain Cleaners (Such asHi-efficient Rotary Plansifter, Precleaning Drum Sieve and VibratoryCleaning Sieve), Whitening machines(Rice Whitner and Polisher), Sep-arators & Graders(Such as Paddy Separator, Thickness Grader, LengthGrader and Rice Grading Sifter), Destoners, Conveyors(Such as BucketElevator, Chain conveyor, Screw Conveyor and Belt Conveyor) andOther equipments(Such as Pulse Jet Bag Filter and Magnetic Separa-tor). With intelligentized technologies widely adopted in each of produc-tion processes, the products are characteristic of stable and reliableperformances, easy operation and minimum maintenance. The surfaceof equipment is smooth, shiny, wear & tear resistant and non-fadedbecause of electrostatic spraying technology adopted in the coatingprocess. The company has achieved great success in the supply ofdomestic rice milling plants and its products are used as proper substi-tutes for expensive foreign brands.

    The company has offered tens of turn-key projects of rice productionline for customers including the design, installation and commissioningin the past years. It undertakes free design of production flow of morethan 100 tons of white rice and lifelong services for customers.


    Yangzhou Zhengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Address: Zhengda Road, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

    Company Tel: 0514-86510999

    Fax: 0514-86510199

    E-mail: yzzdlj@163.com

    Contact person: Mr. Chu Dexiang

    Mobile number: 13852591285